Race Date Event
1. 16/03 Abu Dhabi ITT (United Arab Emirates)
2. 16/03 Abu Dhabi RR (United Arab Emirates)
3. 12/04 Castelldefels ITT (Spain)
4. 13/04 Castelldefels RR (Spain)
5. 19/04 Rosenau RR (France)
6. 14/06 Rzeszów ITT (Poland)
7. 15/06 Rzeszów RR (Poland)
8. 21/06 Louny ITT (Czech Republic)
9. 21/06 Louny Criterium (Czech Republic)
10. 09/08 Lobbach RR (Germany)
11. 19/09 Fossano ITT  (Italy)
12. 20/09 Fossano RR (Italy)




For the overall ranking 8 of 12 races will count


European Handbike Circuit (EHC). The EHC is a high-level race series held all over Europe  and in the Middle East with more than 6000 participants since 2001. With an average participation of about 90 athletes in each race the EHC is the largest worldwide handcycle competition series. More than 700 disabled and able bodied athletes from 36 nations have already apprecited the high quality events since the beginning.

The EHC is structured by a ranking system based on athletes’ placing as an individual as well as part of a team.

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